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You are at the Article Friendly Ultimate Scripts Homepage for online help. To get help on a particular section of AF Ultimate, please checkout the "Admin" & "Site" links above.

The "Admin" links deal with specific parts of the admin sections, while the "Site" links deal with installation, customizations, authors section and other parts of AF Ultimate that you may have questions about.

If you look at the main "Admin" dropdown list, you will see the categories are the AF Ultimate's admin left nav headings, and the subcats are the specific links in your AF Ultimate site's admin left nav bar.

The "Site" link offers direct links to each subject, but may have subcats as needed.

It's my hope that you find this site helpful and instructive, and that you enjoy the newest, biggest Article Friendly article publishing script yet!

If you any questions or issues this site can't help you with, please use the Contact Link in the top nav.


Jan Michaels Owner/Progammer